W.E. and I developed Mushroom Angel Co. as a response to the food issues brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e. outbreaks in meat packing plants, scarcity of supply, etc.). Mushroom Angel Co. serves to ease these food problems and also help people who are in the midst of crossroads by promoting health through their diet. 

Recently, our family has gone through a spiritual journey that resulted in our shift into a plant-based diet. Led by spiritual guidance, we are now sharing various food products from the Mushroom Angel Co. to others as an alternative to the consumption of meat as a source of nutrition. Through this food venture, we hope to benefit the community by disseminating food education and empowering people through health. Mushroom Angel Co. is now here to feed stomachs, while feeding souls with positive energy through a healthy eating lifestyle.

Sample the Cruz Burgers

Cruz Burgers are a gourmet mushroom burger that gives you a little taste of heaven on earth.

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